BlackEconomicDevelopment.com is the place where issues related to improving the economic condition of Black people are openly discussed. Economics is generally defined as the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Few entities, organizations, or even our own government want to address the systemic problems or create programs that specifically and directly address the economic ills of Black people in America.

In his seminal book, Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century Dr. Amos Wilson says “economic destiny determines biological destiny”. 

White treatment of African Americans despite a myriad of theories explaining White behavior, ultimately rests on the fact that they can. They possess the power to do so. Such a power differential must be neutralized if Blacks are to prosper in the 21st century. The alarm is ringing. Powerful evidence includes the growth of the Prison Industrial Complex. We see clear warning signs for those at the bottom of America’s social and economic ladder.

Blueprint for Black Power

Blueprint for Black Power

There is ample non-partisan research which states that job creation, business development, and leveraging the $1.02 trillion dollars in Black consumer spending would create true and positive change in America.  We must change the way we think and act, both individually and collectively.

BlackEconomicDevelopment.com is an effort to lead, shape and create this dialogue ourselves. Our aim is to spur critical thinking, positive action and immediate implementation of  workable solutions.

In his best-selling book, PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America, Dr. Claud Anderson asks the question “What enables an endless stream of immigrant groups to politically, economically and socially dominate Blacks?”

He goes on to state that the “callous indifference, disrespect and sometimes actual hatred that the majority society feels toward Black people are creating conditions that are dangerously parallel to those in Germany prior to the Jewish Holocaust of the 1930s and 1940s.

Dr. Claud Anderson penned these words years before the election of  President Barack Obama and well in advance of the surge in popularity of the Tea Party.  He adds “the new orientation for Black America, within the framework of a national plan, is the practice of group economics.



The Business of Black Hair demands the attention of Black people. We feature this subject extensively on our site  and encourage you to check it out closely. As the only consumers of the products, Blacks should own and control every aspect of the business. This includes production, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, promotions, entertainment, technology, social media, digital media and any new and creative ways we can devise to leverage and bring forth new solutions for our community on a global basis.

In no industry, is the collective buying power of Black people, more obvious and evident than the  Black hair care products industry. This is the place where we can plant our economic flag.

So we start with using the tools that we have. We’re providing the forum but we also realize that these issues are too complex for any one entity to solve alone.

Hopefully you’ll be engaged with us as we work intelligently to address these issues. If you want to JOIN IN with those of us who BELIEVE we can do this, be sure to contact us and express your interest.

Also leave your comments on any of the posts you read on our site or contact us directly.

We encourage participation from our readers and will respond to you. We believe that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” and therefore by strengthening the economic capacity of the Black community, all Americans will benefit. We are also reaching out globally and connecting via other platforms both online and offline to address these serious issues and build new relationships and strategic alliances.

Are you with us? Then we welcome YOU to our global network!

Let’s go!


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