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    Nappywood Weekend 2013Los Angeles, vcialis 40mg CA (July 22, 2013)International Black Hairitage (IBH) marks its 3rd year of celebrating the legacy of Black Hairitage by introducing “The Nappywood Weekend, August 2-5, 2013. The exciting weekend of events is designed to promote cultural identity and economic empowerment worldwide. The activities feature a unique blend of natural hair care trends and tips, professional and consumer education, and natural health and holistic information. In addition there will be economic empowerment symposiums promoting business opportunities for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and even consumers. A major feature will be presenting the 2013 Evolution Tour Natural Hair Care Expo, now in its 10th year to Los Angeles on Sunday, August 4 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Hacienda Hotel. There will an Inkwell Beach Kick-off Evening Soirée; hosted by Sandra Izsadore (Fela, Queen of Afro Beat) on Friday, August 2nd at 6:00 p.m. The business workshops will be featured on Saturday at Leimert Park and the registration will be held at the headquarters of the WE CAN Foundation, located at 4329 Degnan Boulevard in Los Angeles. The LA Natural Hair Care Expo will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 4th.

    Nappywood Weekend LA 2013Some of the featured presenters and educators include Malaika Tamu-Cooper, stylist, educator and owner of Dreadz and Headz Salon in Baltimore, MD; Titi Branch, co-founder, Miss Jessie’s; Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, founder, Sisterlocks; Dr. Kari Williams, California State Board of  Cosmetology;  Sam Enon, founder, Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA); Norm Bond, marketer and founder of; Mayor Aja Brown, Mayor, Compton, CA; Jessyca Abena Marshall, owner and founder, Naturally Beautiful Hair Care in Brooklyn, New York; Christell Kedi, UK Makeup Artist of the Year; The Mooney Twins, veteran comedians and entrepreneurs; Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity hair stylist; and Guy Walker, president Wealth Management Strategies.  A key event supporter is the WE CAN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized to provide access to educational and economic opportunities for individuals in technologically underserved communities. Black Women for Wellness will also be participating. The organization is committed to healing, educating, inspiring and supporting Black women so that they may tap their personal power to improve their health and well being.

    To date we have reached over 3-million households worldwide through our grassroots efforts said The Nappywood Weekend founder and filmmaker Regi Kimbell. “Our primary goal is to educate the community through our three key initiatives. These are Culture, which encompasses encouraging an understanding of the psyche of the Black identity and beauty of being of African descent. The second is Natural Lifestyle, we’re encouraging a natural holistic lifestyle, and seeking to improve the health of our people, especially Black women and children. The third initiative area is Economics. We are encouraging economic growth in the community from the grass roots level and throughout the African Diaspora”.

    Nappywood Weekend and IBH 2013The jury’s verdict in the Trayvon Martin case has caused even President Obama to call for increased conversations regarding the state of the African American community. The Nappywood Weekend provides a positive forum for mothers, children, family and the entire community to embrace our natural selves, engage, and become more empowered. For example, young Black men can pursue economic options that can further shatter the negative stereotypes of “thugs and threats” too often associated with Black youth.  The natural hair industry represents a $9-billion market of products, services, and distribution and manufacturing opportunities. There are businesses, jobs and careers that could improve the quality of life for the African American community.

    Through the effective use of technology, The Nappywood Weekend is enabling conversations and connecting with other communities globally. The organizers will “Live Stream” over the internet the “IBH State of the Natural Union” Townhall type meetings and launch a series of business workshops. Local, national and global business leaders will address the challenges and participate in solution based discussions regarding the economic needs of the Black community. The world will be able to view and participate in these discussions online with the purpose of bridging the gap between communities of Afro descent worldwide.

    According to the special report “African-American Consumers: Still Vital, Still Growing” released by Nielsen and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), the African American consumer exerts a large influence on popular culture and trends.  The number of Blacks in America has reached almost 43 million and the collective buying power of this population is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015. There are also unique generational characteristics, gender buying behaviors, and cultural distinctions within this market segment. Business leaders that value the African-American consumer will be able to connect directly with those in attendance.

    ABOUT NAPPYWOOD WEEKEND LA: created by International Black Hairitage Month (IBHM) which was established in October, 2011 with the purpose of bridging the gap between communities of Afro descent worldwide.  Throughout the month of October global organizers present film, workshops, initiate dialogue about hair, culture, health and economic empowerment and interconnectedness through Afro culture.  Our grassroots efforts have reached over 3-million targeted communities worldwide in the last two years with events in USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherland, Switzerland; IBHM 2013 welcomes our new partners in Lagos and Belgium. The Nappywood  Weekend  in Los Angeles continues to strengthen and connect the IBH global community with this unique blend of culture, wellness and economics all supporting a natural lifestyle. Visit for more information.

    Evolution Tour The hair events were established in 2003 as a cultural community expo focused on natural hair. Today it has developed into the 2013 Evolution Tour that will travel to over 13 cities in 2013.  Established by Malaika Tamu-Cooper stylist, educator and owner of Dreadz and Headz Salon in Baltimore and partnering with various producers to create a tour of natural hair shows across the states.

    Los  Angeles Natural Hair Care Expo, 2013 This ground breaking natural expo in Los Angeles is creating a new model of Natural hair shows by creating a new blend hair expo created by Regina Kimbell of International Black Hairitage and Gwen Allen of Gwen Allen Productions. The event is designed to speak to the LA community. The event is Sponsored by Design Essential Naturals, LANHCE  2013 is expecting over 800+  enthusiastic multi-generational consumers both Men and Women who are embracing Natural Hair textures and styles, Transitioning to natural hair and desire the need for hair products and services for  Natural Hair.

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